The very word itself is inspiring; it conjures up in my mind a world of infinite wonders that I can only marvel at.  Wonders that my head remind me that nature does not revolve around me, but around a vast universe of possibility.  For whether I acknowledge it or not, Mother Nature and all her diverse energies will continue to exist long after I have evaporated into the sand of earthly time.  She will continue to vibrate at her own frequency ever evolving and enhancing her beauty until she metamorphosis into the star she is meant to be.

The poems and writings on this site and within my books are purposely simple and are meant as building blocks to deeper thoughts (yours not mine).  They are reminders of things that in time have been overlooked or forgotten.

Please accept these little ramblings as signposts to the world you might have left behind in the innocence of yesterday

Hello is me mum there

Hello is me mum there
Can you tell her I’m here
Shall I come in to see her
OK I’ll wait here
She’s probably wondering
Just where is me dad
Well I sneaked out behind her
And he won’t be to glad
It’s too far to walk home
Now I’m on my own
But I followed my mum
So I won’t feel alone
Sometimes I get frightened
That she just won’t return
And the moment she leaves
My little heart yearns

Hello is my mum there
Just say I’ve gone home
I’ll see her tomorrow
I’ll watch how I go
There’s no need to worry
For I’ll be quite safe
Just hang on a moment
Can you tie my lace
I’ll follow the street lights
And stay out the dark
I wish I had our Timmy
For he’d give a bark
I’m not really frightened
I just thought you should know
I just follow my mum
Because I miss her so


This the Poem of the Month for December

Way back in the 1950’s when my mother worked in the Regal Cinema Litherland on occasions I would follow her to work.

Above is a poem of one such occasion.

The Timmy mentioned is the dog we had when I was a child.


Mosquito Trouble


That tell tale buzz as it passes my ear
That warning sound so loud and clear
All of my thoughts now on alert
As from my dreams I must avert
For the night has brought a challenge

The coffee is made and I must stay awake
To see who will win and seal their fate
I’ve got out my sprays and douse all down
But still there is that buzzing all around
For the night has brought a challenge

Now here comes that itch from who knows where
As I scratch with abandon not giving a care
I’m not even bitten not even a bite
But I just know this will be a long night
For the night has brought a challenge

Soon the cracks of dawn will appear
As the forthcoming day will quickly draw near
But this war in my room has become so intense
As I try to build up my sleepy defense
For the night has brought a challenge

But heaven knows I’ve just nodded off
And I fear that my battle it has been lost
For there upon my favourite toe
Is a tell tale sign I’ve come to know
Dear God I think I’ve been bitten.


A little humour to start the week…

A film to catch… Etruscan Smile …. a truly beautiful film…

Music of the Week on You Tube… Angel by Paul Collier. In my opinion Paul is one of the best composers  on You Tube long may he reign…


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I have a firm belief in angels and feel them around me all of the time, especially when I need an extra bit of help in making decisions

Also, as I get older, I have a much better appreciation of the beauty of Mother Nature and enjoy nothing more than to sit in my garden and let her overwhelm me with her many gifts

The poems and writings on this website are reflections of my thoughts on various subjects, as they wander through my mind