The very word itself is inspiring; it conjures up in my mind a world of infinite wonders that I can only marvel at.  Wonders that my head remind me that nature does not revolve around me, but around a vast universe of possibility.  For whether I acknowledge it or not, Mother Nature and all her diverse energies will continue to exist long after I have evaporated into the sand of earthly time.  She will continue to vibrate at her own frequency ever evolving and enhancing her beauty until she metamorphosis into the star she is meant to be.

The poems and writings on this site and within my books are purposely simple and are meant as building blocks to deeper thoughts (yours not mine).  They are reminders of things that in time have been overlooked or forgotten.

Please accept these little ramblings as signposts to the world you might have left behind in the innocence of yesterday


When Angels come
In sweet surprise
They hide themselves
With butterflies
With wings that dance
To every breeze
As on the currents
They do tease
You catch a glimpse
Just now and then
Then all to soon
They’re gone again
But do not worry
Or have a care
I’ll tell you something
They are always there
Those Angel butterflies


An Audience Of Flowers & Free Miracles

An audience of flowers watch my every move
As I till the soil with gusto making way for something new
Perhaps I’ll plant a foxglove that grows so very tall
Whose flowers in their glory become a huge food store
Or maybe I’ll just grow roses to wander across the scene
And cover up my footprints from the places I have been
But what about petunias I might give them a try
For their beauty is outstanding and full of natures style
A cup of tea is called for and a sit upon my bench
While thinking what to leave out will truly be a wrench
I have some seeds from last year just waiting for their chance
To feel the joy of sunshine that would really make them dance
Oh no I haven’t named them but I’ll just sow and see
The glory that they give me and best of all they are free
PTT 22.04.19.

Free Miracles

The ebb and flow of money
to me is very strange
just when I think I have enough
life pulls in all the reins
though it’s never stopped me living
in fact I think in time
with nothing in my pockets
new miracles I’ll find
for nature plays her stories
and each one comes for free
plus if I had some money
who knows where I might be
so keep your wealthy mansions
and cars that go so fast
for I’ll immerse in nature
the only thing that lasts.


Thought to Ponder -“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”- C S Lewis

Music of the Week on You Tube -Early Mornin’ Riser – Steven Fromholz


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I have a firm belief in angels and feel them around me all of the time, especially when I need an extra bit of help in making decisions

Also, as I get older, I have a much better appreciation of the beauty of Mother Nature and enjoy nothing more than to sit in my garden and let her overwhelm me with her many gifts

The poems and writings on this website are reflections of my thoughts on various subjects, as they wander through my mind